About Us

About Us

K L JUTE PRODUCTS PRIVATE LIMITED is a Kolkata based manufacturer & supplier of jute bags. Our wide range of jute bags provides customers with superior value in order to meet their packaging requirements. We offer our customers with varying range of traditional and fancy Jute bags such as A-Twill, B-Twill, Hydro Carbon Free Bags, Ijira Bags, Coffee Packing Jute Bags, Hessian Bags, shopping bags, gift bags, various decorative bags and much more. All these categories of bags are manufactured using classic and contemporary methods, keeping in line with the conservation of resources and to preserve the quality of the environment. Here, the quality is considered as a crucial aspect within the manufacturing concern. We provide you jute products with the highest quality standards of stitching, designing as well as printing, and intend to provide our customers with the most durable and economical product.

In addition, we take special care for procurement of raw materials, and supply thereof to the end users. We never procure raw materials which are inferior in quality and ensure quality control at every stage of supply chain.

Our business is majorly driven by a unique goal of environment protection along with conserving nature and mankind. We offer our customers superlative quality of jute products to cater their diverse needs. Our goal is to achieve client satisfaction and we do not hesitate to go an extra mile in fulfilling our client’s requirements. We strive to provide best possible solution to our client’s queries, be it big or small, and therefore our customers can be rest assured to receive redressal of all their queries before placing orders with us.

Why Jute?

Jute is known for its strong and durable properties in the category of natural fiber. Some of the features because of which jute is highly popular and is being used by a large number of people are as follows:

  • • Heat resistant
  • • 100% biodegradable
  • • Recyclable
  • • Environment friendly
  • • Economical
  • • High tensile strength of jute
  • • Lustrous quality

Further, today jute has become a fashion statement in the world. Jute bags are highly attractive, durable and classy. People prefer to use jute bags over alternatives available, like plastic, because of its eco-friendly characteristics. The latest range of designer jute bags is crowd hitting and is highly accessed by the fashion-conscious people.


We assure our customers with on time delivery of best quality products. These products are available at the most economic and competitive prices. Adding on, the material checks are performed at every level of production by the designated experts. A product will qualify from one stage to another only when it fulfils the parameters of the current stage in question.


Apart from serving the traditional packaging requirements across the various industries, jute and allied items have been widely used to customize individual customers’ requirements for e.g. wine bags, digitally printed juco bags, shopping bags, laundry bags, grocery bags, tea bags, etc. and what not. We strive to provide best possible goods in all these categories to our clients depending upon their requirement.