K L JUTE PRODUCTS PRIVATE LIMITED is one of the leading manufacturer, importer, supplier and exporter of diversified packaging products namely Jute and allied products like (H.D.P.E.) High Density Polyethylene and (P.P.) Poly Propylene Products. Our company was incorporated in 1985 and today we are a renowned name in the industry having an experience of more than 35 years now.

The range of our products includes SW Canvas bags, DW Canvas bags, A-Twill Bags, B-Twill Bags, Hydro Carbon Free Bags / Ijira Bags / Coffee Packing Jute Bags, Hessian Bags / Hessian Cloth, Food Grade Bags, Jute Canvas, Jute Carpet Backing Cloth, H.D.P.E. / P.P. Woven Sacks, Non-Woven Fabrics and Bags, Jute Twine, Jute Yarn / Cops, Laminated & Non-Laminated Coloured Hessian Cloth, fancy shopping bags, etc. The diversified product range can be used right from packaging seeds, cement, tobacco leaves, etc to carrying your fashionable items in your hands.

Jute is 100% compostable and bio degradable by nature and it is by far one of the most environmental friendly packing product available in the market as compared to other alternative packaging options available. Jute means no harm to Mother Nature and in-fact helps in her restoration and is equally or more attractive vis-a-vis other alternatives.

Our company believes only in maintaining and improving the quality of its products. Our intention has and always will be to provide best quality products at most reasonable prices so that it’s always a win-win position for both buyer and seller. We welcome valuable feedback from our customers so which helps invest in the right technological up-gradation and change for the good with time and improvise so as to achieve our target of giving best to them.

Who we are?

K L Jute Products Private Limited is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, registered under MSME Act. We are engaged in supplying jute and allied products to various government and non-government organisations across the globe. In the highly volatile jute market, we provide our customers with proper market insights, quality products at most competitive prices to ensure long term and successful business relationship with all our clients.

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